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Wrong fuel in your car? Petrol in a diesel car or vice versa? Don’t worry! Our Wrong Fuel North West team can help 24/7.

WRONG FUEL NORTH WEST are the fuel evacuation experts you need. We specialise in helping motorists who have put the wrong fuel into their car in the north west area. Trust us to get you back on the road. Our aim is to get to you within 1 hour (usually much quicker), depending upon your location, and to get you safely motoring again as quickly as possible.

Wrong Fuel In Car – Action Checklist

1) – If you haven’t already, don’t start the car engine. Don’t even lock or unlock the car as some manufacturers say that this can prime the fuel system pump.

2) – If you have started the car, it’s more than likely that your car’s not ruined. In most cases the vehicle fuel system can be flushed through without damage having occurred to engine components. Don’t let your main dealer or local mechanic tell you that you’ll need expensive engine components replaced before the WRONGFUEL UK team have checked out the situation.

3) – Call WRONG FUEL NORTH WEST on 0345 017 0729 and tell our engineer whereabouts in the north west you are, the make, model and colour of your car and he’ll be with you just as soon as possible.

Find out more about the services provided by Wrong Fuel North West by clicking on the link.

You’re one of about 160,000 British drivers (each year) who put the wrong fuel in their car somewhere in the UK. Whether it’s petrol in a diesel car (the most common problem) or diesel in a petrol car (less common due to the diesel fuel nozzle being bigger than the unleaded fuel tank aperture).

There are more and more diesel cars on the road in the north west due to their superior fuel economy. Even dedicated petrol car drivers are swapping with the pressure of rising diesel fuel prices on the forecourts. Often there may be 2 or more cars owned by a family using different fuel types. Modern life is tough and people often get momentarily distracted when they go to a fuel station to refuel their car, particularly if they’re not driving a car that they’re used to. Mis-fuelling is an easy mistake to make, but have no fear – our wrong fuel north west team are here to help with your predicament.

Our engineers cover all the major towns and cities and their surrounding areas in the north west of England, including: Manchester, Chester, Sheffield, Huddersfield, Liverpool, Macclesfield, Derby, Nottingham, Leeds, Blackburn, Bolton and Stoke-on-Trent. We also have contacts who can provide a highly professional fuel drain service anywhere in the UK at very competitive rates.

Call Wrong Fuel North West as soon as you can if you have an emergency situation and we’ll get a trained professional to you fast.

wrong fuel north west

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