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Customer Feedback – We’ve made a lot of customers happy, so we’d like to share some of our more recent feedback

Somehow I managed to put petrol into my diesel car, I just wasn’t concentrating at 6 am! After a moment of panic I found WRONGFUEL UK on my iPhone and gave them a ring and told them about the wrong fuel situation, arranged for them to come out as soon as possible. Their engineer guy was very knowledgeable and got my car up and running in no time at all. I really thought I was in trouble, but 45 minutes after the engineer arrived I was back on the road like nothing had happened. No stress, brilliant service. Thanks doesn’t seem enough!

Mr Brennan, Ford Mondeo in Coventry.

Friday evening, M42 services. Tired and fed up of driving back from Uni. I put unleaded fuel in my diesel Alfa because the fuel pump signs had adverts all over them which was proper confusing. My breakdown company were useless and said we would have to wait ages for someone to come out and tow us home. Found WRONGFUEL UK on the net via my mobile. An hour later an engineer arrived and within 90 minutes of making the call we were back on the road home. Outstanding service. The engineer was really relaxed and professional, polite and completely reassuring, big gold star! If anyone else finds themselves in that embarrassing and frustrating position, I would recommend WRONGFUEL UK without hesitating. I think you’re great.

Miss Allen, Alfa Romeo 156 in Sandwell.

Felt a bit of a muppet after I filled my diesel VW Passat up with £50 worth of unleaded and drove off. I was about a mile down the road before I came to a grinding halt at a roundabout. A kindly soul helped me push the car off the road and it dawned on me what I’d just done. I started to panic at the thought of a wrecked engine and a massive bill. I called WRONGFUEL UK and about 30 mins later they turned up and got to work straight away. It took a while to get the petrol out and after the fuel drain the car didn’t want to go but the engineer wasn’t going to give up on me and was not going to leave until it started. After many adjustments and some serious application of expertise, it started. I was seriously happy, I can tell you. I had visions of huge repair bills. Car has been just great since. You guys are highly recommended. Well done!

Mr McCallum, VW Passat in Solihull

My Dad managed to put the wrong fuel in my car (diesel) on Wednesday (because he drives a petrol car as a rule) and I would like to say how well the situation was handled by WRONGFUEL UK. From his initial call to a very helpful gentleman and 1 hour and 20 minutes it took for the engineer to reach us and then get the whole car drained of fuel and back on the road, he was very impressed with the great customer service and speed. The WRONGFUEL UK engineer who came out was really  polite and professional got straight on with the job, he also called to let my Dad know where he was and how long he would take to get there which was really brilliant. I would highly recommend WRONGFUEL UK if you are unlucky enough to be in the situation of having put the wrong fuel in your car.

Mrs Sanderly, Peugeot 406 in Halesowen

What an absolutely fantastic service, en route to Ludlow I put the wrong fuel in my car, in fact I was on empty and I filled it right up to the top before I realised what I’d done (just bought the car and put petrol in a diesel by mistake). I explained the problem to my breakdown service and they told me when they could get to me (about 1 and a half hours!) to help get my car fixed. A lady at the service station said she knew a company who could help when I went into the station shop to explain what had happened. She gave me your telephone number. An engineer was with me in no time. Thankfully, I hadn’t started the car and the station chaps helped me push it to one side of the forecourt. I am very grateful to you and would be the first to recommend your service to anyone else who has the bad luck to accidentally put the wrong fuel in their vehicle. A great big thank you to WRONGFUEL UK.

Mr Hardwick, BMW 320 D in Cannock

It’s always great to hear positive feedback when customers have put the wrong fuel in a car and have been “rescued” by one of our guys without having to go to tremendous expense and hassle. Please do send us your comments by email or using our contact form on our contact page. We love to hear from you. Thanks to all who have sent in messages.

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