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Petrol in Diesel Car Removal – Our Services

Our expert team of Fuel Evacuation engineers are specially trained to deal with petrol in diesel car situations and all other types of road vehicle and our fleet of meticulously maintained vehicles is fully equipped to deal with any type of “wrong fuel in car” situation.   

The diesel fuel or petrol fuel that is removed from a mis-fuelled vehicle fuel tank must be treated as a contaminated substance and can only be disposed of by a professional petrol in diesel car removal engineer holding the required licence and an SPA passport to demonstrate the standard of training received.  

The petrol in diesel car removal services we offer include, but are not limited to:  

1) A highly professional customer support team who will ensure that you are kept fully informed of the situation at all times from receipt of your call to when you’re back on the road again. Should your vehicle require removal from it’s location for repair work (usually only necessary on rare occasions where the vehicle has been mis-fuelled and the engine then run with contaminated fuel in the system for a length of time resulting in engine component damage).

2) 24/7 availability of mobile Fuel Evacuation specialist engineers who will aim to be with you within 1 hour of your call depending upon your  location and ease of access to your vehicle.

3) Expert application of the latest petrol in diesel car evacuation equipment to your vehicle fuel system.

4) Removal, transport, storage and disposal of contaminated fuel in accordance with governing body guidelines with the correct  licence in place.

5) Vehicle fuel system repair equipment to allow us to get your vehicle on the road again as soon as

Call us on 0345 017 0729 to arrange for a professional petrol in diesel car engineer to come out to you and resolve your wrong fuel situation.

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